How Increasify digitalised the management of Childcare around Australia

Kindikids Early Learning Centres operate 3 Childcare services in New South Wales. Kindikids focus on quality and it shows in every aspect of their services. From only sourcing Australian made products, employing a full-time chef to prepare fresh meals on a daily basis, to state-of-the-art outdoor playground facilities, to continually improving an already proven system of management which ensures Government regulation compliance and a high standard of education and care by employees.

This quality and care has not gone unnoticed within the marketplace as Kindikids Early Learning Centres enjoys full occupancy and a healthy waitlist – Services within the same suburb are operating at less than 100% occupancy in comparison.



The Childcare industry of Australia is only now scratching the tip of the iceberg in terms of what technology can do for their industry and individual businesses. Most Services are still being run on paper-based systems, including Kindikids. Their procedures, policies and systems neeeded to be transformed into a digital application that would reduce printing, manual data entry, double handling and reduce errors that arise in the day-to-day management of a paper based system.


Management were unable to source a product on the market that would allow them to digitally transform their organisation to operate more efficiently and automatically.


KindiKids’ commitment to providing quality education and care prompted them to undertake further research in to alternate solutions to this problem. Increasify were introduced to offer their services to digitally transform this organisation.



Increasify were involved from an early stage to assist in scoping and consulting on digital transformation. As childcare is heavily regulated, the solution had to ensure government compliance and child security were top of mind during development.

Increasify worked closely with Kindikids management to deliver a complete transformation. Some of the features include:

  • Social modules and features including a Newsfeed for staff and children’s parents to keep up to date and gain insight in to their child’s activities each day.

  • An internal messaging system for staff to collaborate and communicate

  • Automation with Educator and Staff tasks which were triggered automatically based on existing workflows

  • Customisable forms which automate current workflows for staff (Educators) and Management

  • The ability to link everything to an Element(s) within the National Quality Standards (of Childcare) to enable efficient reporting and ensure compliance to the standards.

  • A mobile application for Staff and Parents of the Service to access the solution from anywhere on any device.

Increasify conducted research on behalf of Kindikids Early Learning Centres to quantify and measure the success of the digital transformation. Our results found 9 out of 10 parents now felt they have better communication with Kindikids as a result of the ability to access information on their child from their mobile device at any time.