Kaspersky Lab turns to Increasify to set the pace for Epay retail evolution

Kaspersky Lab has been named one of the world’s top four vendors of security solutions for endpoint users. Operating in almost 200 countries, the company em- ploys more than 2,900 qualified specialists. Kaspersky Lab provides protection for more than 400 million users and 270,000 corpo- rate clients worldwide.


Due to the changing retail environment, Kaspersky Lab and it’s A/NZ distributor, Hemisphere Technologies, joined together with Epay to create an avenue with which to take Kaspersky Lab’s retail products to market without any inventory costs to the reseller. The process would involve offering Kaspersky’s consumer products in a more efficient way, helping to significantly reduce distribution costs, namely through Epay Cards and Vouchers. These cards work in a similar way to pre-paid mobile phone top up cards.


In comparison to software boxes consum- ers typically find on shelves at retail outlets, these cards require minimal retail shelf space and carry no monetary value until activated at checkout. Distribution, ware- housing, and shipping costs are effectively nil in comparison, making Epay a lucrative opportunity to maximise revenue across the retail space.


The challenge


Kaspersky Lab required the development of infrastructure needed to automate the manufacture, delivery, and end-user re- quirements. This included integrating with Epay’s API, and the delivery of back-end systems that would cater to each stake- holder and user of the system, including Kasperksy Lab technical support teams, Printers, Warehousing, Shipping, Admin- istration, Kaspersky Lab end-users and integrating with Officeworks, JB HiFi and The Good Guys EDI for ordering. Rigid security and encryption requirements had to be met prior to launching in the market.


The solution


The project was carried out using a two- phase approach. The first phase involved the rollout of paper receipt vouchers, which would be printed at checkouts using Epay’s POS hardware. These are no different to mobile phone pre-paid credit receipts.


The second phase involved a tight deadline of 12 weeks set by the retailer, Officeworks, from the moment of project ‘kick-off’ to an end result of placing the stock on shelves.


Increasify’s Two Phase approach started with a thorough briefing, stakeholder meetings, Scoping Workshops, and the preparation of a formal Scope of Works and Software Requirements Specification with Kaspersky Lab and Epay. These discussions and documents outlined the following:

  • Product management
  • Stock management
  • Technical support
  • Redemption Code creation
  • Printing co-ordination for Cards
  • Automated Activation of Voucher Codes • Batch Activation of Codes for Cards
  • Ongoing Management
  • User Interface and User Experience
  • User Workflows
  • Admin Workflows


In Phase Two of this project, Increasify developed a secure and robust custom cloud application which integrated with Warehousing, Epay, MYOB EXO and Office- works software within the timeframe and on budget.


Increasify offered training to Kaspersky Lab’s technical support staff to ensure their renowned end-user support would continue uninterrupted and without issues for end-users across the retail channel.


Increasify was able to work closely with the technical team at Epay and MYOB EXO Specialists to launch the application and provide the support required to manage the first stocked shelves by deadline. Due to the project’s success, Kaspersky Lab was first to market and gained an advantage over other major competitors through Office- works’ retail space.


Increasify is now engaged in an ongoing management of the application, including 24/7 support and Hosting with infrastruc- ture partners at BulletProof Networks.


Increasify has since integrated other key channels within this application including the Kaspersky Lab A/NZ eStore, as well as ‘back-end’ registration and support of its Physical Retail Box channel and Give-Away Promotion Cards.


The project’s success has helped provide Kaspersky Lab with one simple system to not only manage stock, but a system in which to manage the registrations required to provide technical support to its custom- ers.