Truly, manufacturing has experienced some of the most dramatic changes in the past decades than most other industries touched by digital innovation.

The rise of automation, computing processes, 3D printing and robotics has transformed the way manufacturing works at the floor level. The rise of alternative funding processes such as Kickstarter has also changed how orders operate as an end-to- end process.

Increasify can give you that information

We work with manufacturing businesses to provide information and optimisation to make sure your business is profitable and continues to grow.

Manufacturing businesses juggle an extraordinary number of requirements:
· Accounting Integration
· Multiple Locations
· Work orders
· Bill of Materials (BOM)
· Inventory Management
· Order Management
· Part Tracking
· Multi-Currency
· Sales and Purchasing
· Reporting
· Support

And more.

Manufacturers know that money is made on the shop floor. It’s why real-time availability of every single detail involved in the manufacturing operation is crucial to the success of your business.

We understand these, eliminate non-value added processes, unplanned downtime and help you operate with near 100% machine utilisation. Optimise your scheduling, and have complete, unimpaired visibility of your entire process.

Manufacturing businesses are handling more demands than ever before.

Whether you’re an engineer-to- order or a discrete manufacturer, accelerating customer demands in a rush order climate, ever increasing product variety and complex materials management are forcing you to look for better yields and better manage your production lines.

Increasify has been committed to delivering a high degree of efficiency, business intelligence, systems integration and customer care to manufacturers for years.

These are just some of the services we offer manufacturing businesses:
· System Integration. We plug your business into ERP systems such as SAP, Epicor, Microsoft Dynamics, Pronto and more.
· Web applications. Develop proprietary systems that deliver the information and processes you need.
· Cloud. Place your essential business systems where you can access them at any time.
· Business Intelligence. Information that can drive efficiencies at your business should be at your fingertips – with our business intelligence systems, it is.

What we offer

Uncover Business Intelligence

Information needs to be in your hands in real-time. Our business intelligence systems allow you to create efficiencies in your manufacturing business and drive your own agenda.

Improve Customer Experience

Manufacturing isn’t just about production. We help create a more efficient, focused customer experience and optimise your end-to- end production processes.

Drive Workplace Efficiencies

Whether you’re on the floor, or on the back-office, we help optimise and make your manufacturing processes hum.

FMC's Home Chemical Product Business Tool

More than ever before, technology has given us the ability to change the world. Not someday. Now. We're dedicated to making a difference by connecting the world. Here's how.

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Transform your enterprise

Comprehensive, end-to-end digital services. Make Increasify your partner of choice in 2017.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Web Applications

Web applications





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