Technology is changing everything. Construction isn’t immune from that change – but it represents one of the largest opportunities the industry has ever seen.

Smartphones and tablets are now just as crucial on a construction site as traditional tools. In time, automation will also help construction firms get work done even faster and unlock even more opportunities.

While such a revolution is still a long way off from completely upending the industry, revolutionary tech - such as virtual reality - is changing how construction will happen tomorrow.

Increasify can help you prepare for that future today

Here are just some of the benefits you can expect with us:
· Experienced management. Enjoy peace of mind knowing you’re working with sophisticated
· Construction industry experience. Increasify has worked with numerous construction companies and partnerships – reducing your risk exposure.
· Experience in industry software. Our work with Aconex, Project Web, PlanGrid, AutoCAD and more, means we understand your needs and will deliver the right solution for you.
· Key industry knowledge. We keep abreast of trends and foresight, so you know you’re in good hands.
· Construction industry leader. Increasify has worked with Grocon, Multiplex, Alliance Project Group and ACG Building

We offer the following services to businesses in the construction industry:

· Mobile development. We enable construction workers in the field to gather, find and share data instantly.
· Web development. Bring your construction projects to life with a sophisticated proprietary web app that is built with your needs in mind.
· System integration. Plug into your existing systems, including job costing, project management and other types of software.
· Business intelligence. The world runs on data – and so does construction. Gather insights, identify inefficiencies and strike down delays when they occur.
· Cloud accessibility. Whether you’re in the office or on site, take advantage of placing all your technology and data needs in a completely accessible platform.
· 24/7 support. Enjoy peace of mind with our dedicated support teams – both local and off- shore.

What we offer

Drive Workplace Efficiencies

Construction is a paper-heavy business, reliant on tedious, labour-intensive manual processes. Create efficiencies by digitising all your paperwork, including delivery dockets, purchase orders, safe work method statements, variations, reque

Update your technology

Meet your customers’ expectations by updating your entire technology stack. Work with smart devices to improve your consumers’ orders, cloud-based project management tools and collaborative digital tools.

Enable Freedom for your Enterprise

Construction businesses are working in the same agile, digital environment as everyone else. Your systems need to work the same way. Gain agility and flexibility with on-site data entry, real-time data and more up-to- date information. D

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More than ever before, technology has given us the ability to change the world. Not someday. Now. We're dedicated to making a difference by connecting the world. Here's how.

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Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Systems Integration

Systems Integration

Web Applications

Web Applications



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  With 72% of construction professionals now owning a smartphone, and 64% of construction professionals who use a laptop –

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