Do you know where you're going? Increasify can take you there.

Do you know where you're going? Increasify can take you there.


Increasify increase organisational performance and deliver increased efficiency, margins, improved customer experiences and service, improved teamwork, enable better business decisions and employee performance through Consulting, Software Development, Office Automation, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Mobility and System Integration solutions.

Our professional digital consultants and software engineers are specialists in delivering improved performance with Digital tech and services.
Increasify service all verticals, and specialise in Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Government, Professional Services and Technology industries.

We differentiate ourselves with an exceptional team of user interface and experience designers and developers, who add further value to our comprehensive range of services, from Consulting, to Professional Services to Managed Infrastructure and Support. Increasify’s offshore development delivery model enables competitive pricing required for today’s global economy.

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Mission statement

To improve organisational performance with Digital - automating, integrating and simplifying workflow, data flow and decision making.

Big numbers

Widely used

Over 600,000 Australians use Increasify solutions


Over $60M in eTransactions were processed by our solutions last year.

A team of over 30 and growing

Increasify's team consists of over 30 Software Engineers, UI/UX Designers, Project Managers and System Analysts.


Growth increase since in the last two financial years

Peace of mind

We're always available, 24/7. Our uptime sits at 99.9995%. Speak to a Level 2 engineer within 60 seconds of calling Support.

Cost effective

No need to drain your entire budget for an efficient solution, developed in both Australia and China.

Power in numbers

Partnerships with some of the biggest tech leaders: Shopify, AWS, Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and Google


We work with some of the largest companies including Kaspersky, FMC, Agrana Fruit and MYOB.

Life at Increasify

If you're thinking of making a switch, or advancing your career, why not join a fast growing multi-national company that deliver increased performance to companies using Digital? Check out our job availabilities below.

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Our values

If it's not a big deal, do it for free.

We believe in the power of the Customer Experience - not just Digitally, but in the way we treat our customers. If it's not a big deal, we prefer to do it for free.

We don't hire negative people.

Feel the energy in our offices. It's electrifying. That's because it's full of the most positive people we've met. And that's how we hire.

Do good and good will happen.

We believe in doing good, and that good will come back to us. It's a really powerful way of doing business and it's how we plan to stay.

Hire smart people and back them.

Increasify's team are full of intelligent, smart, witty and switched-on folk. We back our team in their decisions and because of this, projects achieve better outcomes.


Jackie & Sam

Increasify was founded by Sam Halcrow and Jackie Zhao in 2013, as a break-away company from The Online Experts Australia – a digital marketing agency located in Sydney. Identifying the overlap and trend of Professional Services agencies and Digital agencies to collaborate together, Increasify has over 30 full-time staff and are growing.

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Our locations

Sydney, Australia

Increasify’s Sydney office provide Consulting, Account management, Project management, UI/UX development and Support to our customers. Increasify are positioned in the heart of the Sydney CBD, close to our customers and partners.

Hefei, China

Our Hefei office in China develop, implement and provide back-office support to our Head Office. This offshore development ensures our customers solutions are managed by our Australian offices, who work closely with our offshore team to deliver performance through Digital.

We give a shift.

Our values

Increasify's 4 core values represent our view on life and business. We don't believe in shortchanging enterprise, we're positive, we believe in doing good - and we hire smart people. This has been fundamental to our fast growth and success.

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Giving Back

Increasify gives back to Charities, Education and NFP organisations - in the way of providing consulting and insights gained from commercial projects.

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We get truly involved

We're driven by real-world results - we commit ourselves to delivering our solutions throughout your enterprise. Increasify management believe in the importance of getting on site, in the warehouse, visiting your retail stores - where your business lives.

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