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Stratus Technologies is the leading provider of infrastructure based solutions that keep applications running continuously in today’s always-on world.

In today’s always-on world, applications run under increasingly demanding circumstances. With these escalating demands comes greater pressure to prevent even the smallest amount of application downtime.

Stratus enables rapid deployment of always-on infrastructures – from enterprise servers to clouds – without any changes to applications. Stratus’ flexible solutions – software, platform and services – prevent downtime before it occurs and ensure uninterrupted performance of essential business operations.


Companies are responding to the need for always-on solutions by searching for technologies that either conform to or enhance their current IT infrastructures.


Our solutions support a variety of operating systems and are designed to run in physical, virtualized or cloud environments.


Our products are easy to deploy and manage, allowing your applications to run without specialized expertise.


SMBs and Global Fortune 500 companies alike rely on Stratus to keep them up and running.

Stratus’ solutions ensure uninterrupted 24 x 7 x 365 performance of essential business operations, as well as:
  • Protect physical security and building automation applications with an always-on operating environment
  • Detect potential problems and proactively take action before downtime becomes an issue
  • Scale easily to accommodate changing business requirements
  • Support remote and lights-out data centers through automation
  • Meet compliance requirements for data integrity and reliability in regulated industries
  • Leverage 24/7/365 global support

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Case Studies

sports news and media network

Always-on availability

One of the largest and most dynamic sports news networks in the world, relies on Stratus software to protect its important Windows® applications from downtime.

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The cost of critical application failure

The Cost of Critical Application Failure

Make Better Technology Decisions By Understanding Your Cost of Downtime

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Corporate profiles

Westpac institutional bank

Virtual infrastructure for critical financial application leaves no margin for error

“The ftServer is more than technology. It’s peace of mind.”

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Ambulance service of NSW


Assuring for one of the world’s largest ambulance services

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aristocrat technologies

Always-on jackpot availability

Stratus delivers for global gaming solution

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CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY VIRTUALIZATION software for always-on applications.

For your solutions that must not fail — Stratus’ everRun® Enterprise continuous availability virtualization software, prevents downtime, ensures business continuity and maintains data integrity by keeping applications running — easily and affordably.

  • everRun Enterprise prevents downtime, rather than merely recovering from it. That difference has a big impact on revenue, costs, customer satisfaction and efficiency rates.
  • everRun’s quick and easy menu based installation and centralized management tools require no specialised skills saving you in IT overhead. And its comprehensive monitoring and notification features help customers achieve business continuity goals, comply with policies and regulations and meet SLAs at a lower cost and with better performance than other fault-tolerant solutions.


A high performance CONTINUOUS AVAILABILITY platform for always-on applications.

Stratus’® ftServer — complete with hardware, software and service — is an operationally simple platform that will keep your applications up and running with no downtime or data loss.

  • Achieves unmatched business continuity and data integrity by preventing downtime
  • Simplifies operations with easy installation, configuration and management
  • Supports standard operating systems (Windows and Linux) working seamlessly with existing system management tools and applications
  • Virtualizes with ease for optimal efficiencies with support for VMware and Hyper-V
  • Delivers outstanding serviceability with automatic ordering and replacement, hot plug and play, and 24/7/365 system monitoring — eliminating the need for IT intensive resources
  • Promotes long term value with system longevity, minimising the need for frequent technical refreshes
Lockstep Technology

Unique to the industry, ftServer mirrored hardware components process the same instructions in “lockstep” – at the same exact time. In the event of a component malfunction, the mirrored component continues processing without missing a heartbeat.

Simplified Configuration

ftServer provides a “single system view” that presents and manages replicated ftServer components as a single system image. Applications run without modification and only a single copy of software is required. With one system view, installation, configuration and management is simplified.

System Generated Replacement Ordering

Hot-swappable customer replacement units (CRUs) are easily replaced, without user intervention or any special tools, while ftServer and your applications continue to run.

Flexible Storage

ftServer provides flexible storage options to meet all your data requirements including redundant internal storage, external ftScalable™ Storage Arrays and industry standard SANs.

Automatic Monitoring

The Automated Uptime Software Layer™ identifies, manages and takes corrective action on failed components before they impact operations by monitoring more than 500 system components

Proactive Availability Management & Service

Our award winning service with unmatched customer satisfaction has made us the envy of the industry


Providing the Highest Levels of Availability for Business-Critical Applications for 35 years

Maximising Productivity

Keep production lines up and running.

Staying Connected

Achieve round-the-clock application availability.

Processing Transactions

Manage thousands of transactions a second.

Building Security
Controlling Access

Prevent external threats to organizations.

Public Safety
Protecting Lives

First Responders take care of emergencies 24 x 7 x 365

Ensuring Care & Privacy

Access patient information and remain HIPPA compliant.

Keeping it Moving

Move goods and passengers around the world.

Protecting Profit

Meet sales targets day in day out.


In Partnership with Industry Leaders

Stratus offers sophisticated, high-performance solutions that integrate seamlessly into any IT infrastructure because of our strategic alliances with other open-systems technology leaders. These mutually beneficial partnerships deliver customer value, beginning with initial installation and continuing throughout the application lifecycle.

leading industry partnership

Local Brands Trust Stratus solutions…

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